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Poor Katharine McPhee.  It can’t be easy playing the Bella Swan of Off-Broadway when your show spends all season building up your character just to tear you down.

And tear Karen down it did.  This was easily the best episode of Smash this season because it actually focused on the drama of creating art instead of the drama inherent in dating a talented, but childish and self-destructive drug addict.  Ivy had to make a difficult choice on stage that could end up enhancing—or overshadowing—her performance as Marilyn; Derek woke up from his Karen-induced stupor and actually started directing “Hit List” into a show we may actually want to see; and Tom had to get creative to ensure “Bombshell” opened on time, creating a pretty exciting Act II opener in the process.

Seriously, if you had given up on Smash this season, give “The Dress Rehearsal” a chance.  It’s everything you had wished this show had been in the first place.

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One of my nearest and dearest spills about his debut novel ‘Better Nate that Ever’.  He is so incredibly talented on and off stage and I can’t wait to read it.  It tackles some pretty common issues in today’s society while relating to youngsters.  Tim also happens to be one of my top best follows on Twitter, along with Tyler, Korey, Michael Buckley, Kelly Oxford, and Ellen.

Congratulations, Tim :)

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